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Slovak film week 2016


Campaign for Slovak Film Week created together with Andrej Kolenčík

Logo/posters/TV spot/billboard/website 

Slovak Film Week is an annual showcase celebrating domestic film production. At the same time, the festival creates

a space for reflection of Slovak film and encourages a dialog between academics, filmmakers and the audience.

The campaign has incorporated the sci-fi style, portraying outer space creatures exploring different planets which have represented the audience exploring new films with Slovak Film Week. 


In collaboration with Eva Pavlíková, Peter Šimun, Simona Hrušovská, Ivo Miko, Barbora Pieštanská, Lukáš Zubek, Filip Kuneš, András Cséfalvay, Juraj Tomori, Miloš Hanzély, Martin Hasák, Teapot, Štefan Bučko, Tomáš Hrdlička

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