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Veronika Kocourková is a film director, designer, illustrator, producer

and co-owner of an independent production company Super Film. 


After graduating The Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, Veronika began to work as a freelance animator on various projects such as Prvá (2013), a TV series about Slovak women who wrote history, and on adverts.


These experiences led to a creative partnership with Andrej Kolenčík, which was followed by several collaborations. Andrej and Veronika worked closely, conceiving, creating and drawing ideas together.  


With Simona Hrušovská, Veronika founded the independent production company, Super Film, which focuses on animated and educational film projects for children and young audiences. 


Veronika’s unique skills, which she gained from her early smaller projects and ads, allowed her to become a co-author, director and designer of the TV series Ka-Boom. This was her directing debut and is her most prominent project so far. 


Veronika also enjoys exploring different art formats; for example, music videos, video mapping, animated film, and also comics and illustration.

Her work is not restricted to a singular colour palate or art style. 


Exploration and experimentation are fundamental components of her art. 

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