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Ka-Boom -Cate Strophe’s Catastrophic Diary 




The main character of the animated TV series, and reporter of the fictive television network Ka-Boom Cate Strophe has written a diary during her adventures. The catastrophic diary includes various adventures of Cate Strophe at the moment she was not working for Ka-Boom TV. The diary includes notes from her travels, but also, interesting facts about natural phenomena. Cate Strophe sailed to an abandoned island where she studied a volcano explosion, she flew to the open space to find out how does lightning come to be, she had a look right in the centre of a tornado, and she crossed huge mountains full of avalanches. Cate Strophe’s Catastrophic Diary features the TV series Ka-Boom in its original way where children can again learn something new, whilst being entertained.

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In collaboration with Gabika Rusková, Simona Hrušovská, Juro Šlauka,  Zuzana Chovanová, SLOVART

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