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Cate Strophe and the mystery of snow flakes



Cate Strophe, a well-known author and a journalist of TV Ka-Boom wrote another book. The book will tell us the story from Cate’s childhood. Like many other children, she’s impatiently waiting for her Christmas presents but also cannot wait for the snow to fall. The snow, however, does not come. In a split of a second, lighting up the Christmas tree changes to an unpredictable adventure. Cate travels to the Cloud Kingdom where she saves imprisoned Dusties and also the village of sad water Drops. She prepares a snowfall for her town and shares her knowledge of how the snowflakes come to be with the audience. The book also explains Cate’s fascination for gaining knowledge and where she had the first idea to become a world know reporter and a journalist. 


The new illustrated book “Cate Strophe and the mystery of Snow Flakes’ is distributed by Slovart Editions. 


The book is also accompanied by the 30-minute long animated film with the same story. 


In collaboration with Gabika Rusková, Simona Hrušovská, Juro Šlauka,  Zuzana Chovanová, SLOVART

exhibition with  Biela noc 

photo by  Martina Mlcuchova 

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