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The comet is coming - video mapping




What will happen when the creatives from different genres – visual artist Dominika Žáková, animator and director Veronika Zúbek Kocourková and musician Jonatán Pastirčák – join forces? Well, an audiovisual comet will emerge on the Main Squarel! And it will be an experience not to miss. 


Come and let yourself be carried away on a wave of bright colors; delight your senses and surrender to colorful vibrations, rhythmic fireworks, a pure celebration of life. An abstract video projection combines Žáková's visuals, which are animated by Zúbek Kocourková to the rhythm of Pjoni's music. The night beckons to hedonism – give in!

The artwork was part of the Europa Experience Paris for Nuit Blanche 2023

IMG_8136 copy.jpg

In collaboration with Biela noc, Dominika Žáková, Jonatán Pastirčák

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